Marie-noelle kendall



Teaching is an important part of Marie-Noelle’s musical life. She feels it is important to pass on the musical knowledge that she has acquired through contact with great pianistic tradition.  Music enables the expression of emotions that are otherwise unarticulated in one’s life.  Playing the piano provides an outlet necessary to bring about self-expression and the learning experience is fundamental to this process.

It is important that beginners are taught with the same attitude to technique as an aid to musical expression as prevails with teaching advanced students playing the great classical repertoire. Marie-Noelle ensures that her beginner students are taught to focus on using the correct technique from the beginning, so that there is no need for re-evaluating technique as they progress through their musical education.

The technique taught by Marie-Noelle is the product of many years of learning and discovery, through analysis of the way both she and other pianists play.  By involving concepts of body-use, stemming from study of the Alexander technique, she provides a rare insight into the effect of the whole body on the art of piano playing.  Her technique is an holistic approach to performance which allows the actualization of the student’s interpretation of the music.

Marie-Noelle teaches a wide range of abilities and ages from young beginners to retired amateurs, including more advanced students. 

As well as teaching piano one-to-one at home in Cambridge, Marie-Noelle enjoys coaching chamber music and has given masterclasses in both solo piano and piano in chamber music.

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